Heko Ring Cutter & Packer

The Self-Rotating Ringcutter

This Patented machine breaks the whole surface with the front bar flat cultivators followed by 2 rows of uniquely designed Ring Cutters that can work shallow at high speeds, whilst at the same time handling straw stubbles.

The unique Ring Cutters cut the soil stubbles and sods, lifts that up into the ring where it breaks into parts. The earth is sieved away from the root remnants before the organic matter lands on to the surface in front of the rear roller. The organic matter dries quickly on the soil surface accelerating brittleness and therefore the rotting and humification of the residues.

Stimulates Blackgrass and weed seed germination

Mechanical Herbicide Soil works as a counter blade

The Packer - Ideal for retro fitting to a number of different cultivator/drill applications

The spring steel flex ring rotates within a fork,flexing both sideways and vertically, giving excellent self cleaning and lowest weight in relation to highest load bearing capacity.



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